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Superior Heating and Cooling Can Instantly Improve the Air Quality of Your St Louis Home with a Whole House Air Purifier

Air purification systems provide St Louis residents with higher quality air within their homes by eliminating and reducing dust, allergens, and contaminates at the point of entry. home air purification systems are a great way make your home seem cleaner from the moment you walk in your door.

Air Scrubber Plus

  • Removes up to 99.9% of harmful contaminants in your home using ActivePure technology.
  • Proactively attacks airborne toxins assoicated with allergy symptoms, nausea, chest pains, sinus problems, fatigue, coughs, dizziness and headaches.
  • Greatly reduces pet odors.
  • Protects your HVAC system.

Air Purification Systems Superior Heating and Cooling Provide for St Louis and St Charles Homes

Apco UV Light St Louis & St Charles

  • Eliminates and prevents mold growth within the cooling coils of your air conditioner and kills airborne bacteria within your ductwork
  • Reduces unwanted odors
  • Traps allergens and kills viruses
  • Fits all types of air systems

Apco UV Light Features

  • Eco-FriendlyUnlike many other air purifiers that claim to eliminate odors, the Apco UV light does this without producing ozone. The Apco UV light actually helps eliminate ozone from the air.
  • UV Light Replacement AvailableThe Apco UV Light system is convenient to maintain as the only regular maintenance required is replacing the UV light. Superior Heating and Cooling offers UV light replacement for St Louis residents.
  • Advanced Photocatalytic OxidationApco uses UV-C light and titanium dioxide to create a reaction infused with the carbon which attract and eliminate contaminates.

Honeywell F300 Electronic Air Cleaner St Louis

  • Captures up to 99 percent of airborne particles
  • Advanced, low maintenance solution
  • Reliable and eco-friendly

Honeywell F300 Features

  • Renewable & Eco Friendly – Uses a filter that does not need to be replaced every month
  • Minimal Maintenance – Filter cell simply needs to be washed off every six to twelve months
  • Highly Effective – Three state filtration system that places an electronic charge to collect up to 99 percent of airborne particles as they pass through the system
  • Efficient – Helps save you money by keeping your heating and cooling equipment clean and extending its service life
  • No Recurring Costs – No replacement filters ever need to be bought
  • Peace of MindHoneywell offers an exclusive 10-year Clean Coil Guarantee
  • Model Numbers – F300E 1001, F300E 1019, F300E 1027, F300E 1035, F300A 1620, F300A 1625, F300A2020, F300A2025, F300A2012, F300B2012
  • 5 Year Warranty

Honeywell F100 Whole House Air Purification System St Louis

  • Up to 85 percent more efficient than a standard one-inch filter
  • Less frequent filter replacements are needed
  • Simple maintenance

Honeywell F100 Features

  • Superior Performance – Up to four times more effective, and up to 85 percent more efficient at capturing airborne particles compared to a standard one inch filter
  • Highly Effective – The Honeywell F100 captures both microscopic particles like dust and smoke in addition to larger contaminants such as mold, spores, and pet dander
  • Replace Less Often – Lasts up to four times longer than a standard one inch furnace filter. Replace every six to twelve months rather than monthly or quarterly changes
  • Widely Compatible – The Honeywell F100 works with all St Louis gas, oil and electronic forced air furnaces and air conditioning systems
  • Easy to Upgrade – Honeywell products can easily be converted to a higher performing whole house air purification system
  • Model Numbers – F100F2028, F100F2002, F100F2010, F100F2044, F100F2051
  • 5 Year Warranty

AccuClean Air Purification Systems

  • Most effective whole house air purification systems in the nation
  • Superior filtration of allergens in your home
  • Clean air for you and your family
  • Whole home air filtration

AccuClean Features

  • Removes up to 99.98 percent of allergens from the filtered air
  • Catches particles down to .1 micron in size
  • Eight times more effective than the best HEPA room appliance
  • 100 times more effective than a standard one inch throwaway filter or ionic type room appliance
  • Delivers cleaner air at a higher volume
  • Reusable filter can be cleaned with vacuum
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