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Indoor Air Quality Solutions

In Addition to HVAC Services, Superior Heating and Cooling Also Offers a Variety of Indoor Air Quality Solutions Designed to Maintain Comfortable Indoor Temperature for Your St Louis or St Charles Home

At Superior Heating and Cooling, we like to view ourselves not as just a St Louis heating and cooling company, but as a leader throughout St Louis Indoor Air Quality Contractors. Installing a furnace, replacing an air conditioner, or repairing a heat pump is just a small part of making your home climate as comfortable as can be.  It is important to know how indoor air quality impacts your health.  Superior Heating and Cooling has a wide selection of products and services that are tailored to increasing your indoor air quality throughout your St Louis or St Charles area home. If you have recently replaced or repaired your HVAC system and still feel as if your home is not producing a comfortable indoor temperature, we recommend giving us a call today to set an appointment with a Superior Comfort Specialist. Our phone number is (314) 209-7500 or (636) 926-0000.

Whole House Air Purifier Installation St Louis MO

Air Purification Systems Will Cleanse the Air You Breathe inside Your St Louis or St Charles Home

Home air purification systems can transform the way you feel inside your home. Using up to date technology such as a UV air purifier, Superior can eliminate airborne contaminants that you and your family can potentially be breathing in on a daily basis. All Superior Comfort Specialists go through extensive air monitoring training which give them the knowledge on how to implement indoor air quality testing to best identify the level of contaminants that could be living in your home. To learn more about how a whole house air purifier can improve your indoor air quality, give Superior Heating and Cooling a call at (314) 209-7500 or (636)926-0000.

Whole House Humidifier Installation St Louis MO

A Whole House Humidifier Can Make 70 Degrees inside Your Home Feel Much Warmer during a Cold St Louis Winter

There are many benefits of a humidifier, but the best reason to consider a whole house humidifier in St Louis is energy savings. Have you ever noticed that your thermostat is on 72 degrees, your furnace is running properly, and it still feels cold inside your home on a chilly St Louis day? This happens because the air in St Louis becomes extremely dry as the temperature gets colder in the Winter months. An air humidifier in your home will increase the moisture levels which will result in your home feeling warmer at the same temperatures. This means your furnace or heat system will not be cranked up to 75 degrees to keep your indoor temperature at comfortable levels. If you would like to set an appointment with a Superior Comfort Specialist, call our phone number today. (314) 209-7500 or click on our humidifiers page to learn more.

Whole House Dehumidifier Installation St Louis MO

Superior Can Help Reduce the Humidity Levels and Increase the Indoor Air Quality Inside Your Home in the Summertime With a Whole House Dehumidifier

Just as a whole house humidifier can help keep your home warmer in the Winter, dehumidifiers can help decrease moisture in your home during the Summer months resulting in your home feeling cooler. Dehumidifiers help you save money on energy bills while also serving a major health benefit. Dust mites, mold and mildew thrive in hot and humid conditions. By installing a whole house dehumidifier, you can reduce and prevent indoor air pollution leading to high levels of indoor air quality in your home. Superior Comfort Specialists are known for being the best dehumidifier installers in the St Louis area. Give us a call today and let us increase your indoor air quality right away. (314) 209-7500 or (636)926-0000.

Home Automation System Installation St Louis MO

The Future of St Louis Home Automation Systems is Here and Superior Heating and Cooling is Ready to turn your St Louis or St Charles Home into an Automated Home Today

It was not too long ago that home automation systems were considered a concept of the future. But with the release of revolutionary products such as the Nest Thermostat and the Echo Dot, open source home automation is here to stay. Superior provides the best home automation products with full installation and setup. Our Superior Comfort Specialists educate St Louis homeowners on how to navigate the home automation software so you feel comfortable with all the features of your newly automated home. Do not make the mistake of trying to build a DIY home automation system. Call the experts at Superior Heating and Cooling today for a home automation system installation estimate, and learn how home automation can help you monitor your indoor air quality. Our phone number is (314) 209-7500 or (636) 926-0000.

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