A Whole House Dehumidifier Helps Maintain Comfortable Levels of Moisture Inside Your Home Throughout the Hot Humid Warm Months in St Louis

Just as cold weather months in St Louis and St Charles bring dry air inside your home, warm weather months can increase levels of moisture in your home. While controlled levels of moisture can have positive impacts on your indoor air quality, too much humidity can cause damage. To help maintain proper levels of moisture in the warming months in St Louis, Superior Heating and Cooling can install a whole house dehumidifier to enhance your cooling system. If you are currently battling with high levels of moisture inside your home and are considering a whole house dehumidifier system, set an appointment with the comfort specialists at Superior Heating and Cooling today. The phone number is (314) 209-7500 or (636) 926-0000.

Benefits of a Whole House Dehumidifier In St Charles and St Louis MO Homes

Due to the St Louis area being highly susceptible to extreme levels of humidity in the summer months, the benefits of whole house dehumidifier systems in our market is much higher than the national average. These benefits include:

Combats Dampness Within Your Home

Most residents in the St Louis area can agree that having damp air inside your home during the summertime can be miserable. It can affect your clothes, furniture and many other household valuables. Worst of all, it can create an inescapable feeling of never being clean and always feeling hot. A whole house dehumidifier can maintain comfortable levels of moisture within the air of your home which will immediately make the air climate much more enjoyable.

Decreases Mold and Mildew

Indoor air with high levels of moisture are a safe haven for mold and mildew. This can lead to many negative health consequences associated to allergies and asthma. Having your home exposed to mold and mildew can have extremely negative long term consequences for both the health of your home and family. With whole house dehumidifier, you can reduce the risk of mold and mildew forming by implementing a system to reduce moisture.

Makes Your House Smell Cleaner

With dampness comes that thick musty smell. Through dehumidification, you can help eliminate that awful musty smell with the installation of a dehumidifier in your home.

Saves Money on your Energy Bills

The higher the levels of moisture within the air inside your home, the hotter the air feels. This can lead to families overworking their air conditioner to lower the inside temperature just to maintain comfort. By installing a whole house dehumidifier, the air inside your home will instantly begin feeling cooler at the same temperature. This leads to lower energy bills due to you and your family feeling the same comfort at higher temperatures indoors.

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