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Bryant Evolution™ System Special

Upgrade Your HVAC System

Despite cold weather, business tends to slow down at the beginning of the year in the residential HVAC industry.  It makes perfect sense.  Many homeowners just wrapped up the holiday season, and as a result consumer spending across the board generally drops in the months that follow.  For consumers in the market for a new HVAC system, this is a great time to take advantage of discounts and incentives.  This year, we are rolling out a great incentive for our high-efficiency Bryant Evolution™ System.  

Upgrade To A 20 SEER Bryant Evolution™ Extreme System At No Additional Cost

For a limited time only, when customers purchase the 5 stage, 18 SEER high-efficiency Bryant Evolution System with the furnace, they can upgrade to the Bryant Evolution™ Extreme 20 SEER HVAC system at no additional cost.  The Bryant Evolution™ Extreme is one of the highest-performing heating and cooling systems on the market.  Some performance specs include:

  • A full variable speed compressor that automatically adjusts to provide superior comfort and efficiency while maintaining consistent temperatures throughout even the most extreme outdoor temperatures.
  • Full compatibility with the Bryant Evolution™ System components such as the Evolution Connex™ control system and smart thermostat.
  • The AeroQuiet™ System II drastically reduces noise and operates quietly as if your air system is not even running.

Over $3,000 In Instant Savings!

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Did We Mention You Also Receive A Free 3 Year Labor Warranty?

As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, we stand by our equipment and installations.  Which is why we are including a 3 year labor warranty and 10 year parts warranty on this Bryant Evolution System incentive.  If anything goes wrong within the first three years, you are covered.

Additional $500 In Savings

Enjoy Comfort Now and Pay Later With 0% Financing For Qualified Customers

We understand how new HVAC systems are not at the top of the list heading out of the holiday season.  This is why we offer 0% financing options for new equipment installation.  It allows our customers to be able to upgrade their indoor comfort while minimizing out of pocket costs.  We have found financing can really help bridge the gap from the holidays to tax refund season, and allow customers the luxury of not having to get through the winter with an under-performing or outdated heating system.

Additional Energy Rebates

To help offset additional equipment costs associated with high efficiency HVAC systems, Ameren and Spire offer rebates.  Both the Evolution™ AC system and Evolution™ heat pump included in this incentive meet the minimum requirements for these rebates.

Ameren Customers Receive Additional $600 Rebate On AC System

Ameren Customers Receive Additional $950 Rebate On Heat Pumps

Spire Customers Receive Additional $325 Rebate On High Efficiency Furnace

Why Not Include A FREE Evolution Connex™ Smart Thermostat?

If you are going to be upgraded to one of the most efficient HVAC systems on the market, a smart wifi thermostat is almost a must.  This is why for this month only, we are including the Bryant Evolution Connex™ smart wifi thermostat for FREE.  We want our customers to enjoy the full functionality and efficiency of the Bryant Evolution™ Extreme system.

bryant smart thermostat

Going To Be In the Market For A New Air Conditioner In the Spring?

Installation quotes generally start heating up as the weather takes a turn in the Spring.  Many of the homeowners we quote new systems for during the Spring usually know their system is on it's last leg.  That first day of the year when the temperature hits above 80 often serves as a wake up call for homeowners that know their AC system needs to be replaced.  If you think that you are in a situation like this, we highly encourage you to take advantage of this incentive.  Not only will you save money on a high efficiency AC system, but you'll also be able to enjoy 2 months of a new heating system.  All at a fraction of the price this Bryant Evolution System would normally cost.

Superior Heating & Cooling Specializes In High Efficiency HVAC System Installation

Superior has put an emphasis on HVAC efficiency dating back to the beginning of our company in 1972.  Back then there was no such thing as variable speed motors or wifi thermostats.  However, we knew that if our equipment, system designs, and quality installations could lead to lower energy bills for our customers, we could set ourselves apart from our competition and provide more value to St Louis area homeowners.

Today, our Superior HVAC installers go through hours of training on all the new high-efficiency HVAC technology that continues to enter the market.  Our team prides themselves on being leaders in high-efficiency equipment installation.  It is the future of our industry, and we believe it is only a matter of time before all homes will contain high efficient equipment.  If you are currently dealing with an older heating and cooling system that is not performing up to your standards, we would love the opportunity to earn your business.  If you would like to schedule a FREE, in-home estimate for a new Bryant Evolution System, call us today at (314) 209-7500 or request an appointment online.

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