How Much Does a New Furnace Cost?

new furnace cost

How Much Does a New Furnace Cost?

The cost of a new furnace can vary widely based on a variety of factors, including: the brand, efficiency rating, the size of your home, cost of living prices in your area and installation costs. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from around $1,700 to over $6,000. Keep in mind that investing more upfront in a energy efficient model can save you money on monthly utility bills and you may be eligible for certain tax breaks. So while there is no easy answer to the question, “how much does a new furnace cost,” you will probably end up spending thousands of dollars for a new unit.

Average Cost Of A New A New Furnace in The US

The average cost of a new furnace is $3,100. While electric furnaces cost less upfront, you will end up paying more for your energy usage. Gas furnaces tend to offer the best balance between initial cost and energy pricing for a solution that offers long-term savings over other options.

The Cost To Install a New Furnace in St Louis is Less Than The National Average

One of the major costs associated with purchasing a furnace replacement is installation costs. You will need to hire an experienced professional to make sure that everything is setup properly. Fortunately for St. Louis residents, the cost to install a furnace is less than the national average. St. Louis homeowners don’t have to pay the same installation fees as homeowners in other parts of the country for the same furnace.

Major Factors That Determine Furnace Prices

Furnace prices are determined by a variety of factors. In some cases, installation can be complicated by the location of the furnace, how much ductwork is required for proper installation and the type of fuel the furnace uses. Your installation professional will be able to evaluate your home and offer a detailed installation estimate so that you don’t have to worry about hidden costs. The brand, size and efficiency rating of the furnace will also affect pricing, so be sure to shop around and find the right products to fit your home and your budget.

Furnace Installation Cost

Outside of the price of the actual equipment, installation labor is often a primary factor in determining furnace installation cost.  When it comes to quality labor, you tend to get what you pay for.  However, Superior takes pride in providing experienced, quality work at fair prices.  If you encounter a cheap furnace installation bid, we recommend asking questions in order to help determine the experience and knowledge of the installers.  

Where Is The Furnace Located in the home?

Furnace installation costs can be significantly impacted by where the furnace is located in the home. If installers have to crawl under the house and/or work in cramped spaces with poor lighting, the entire installation process will take longer. The easier the furnace is to access, the more you will save on installation.

Work Required For Furnace Ductwork

Replacing an old unit may require new and additional ductwork. There may also be sections of the old ductwork that are damaged and causing leaks that make your entire home less energy efficient. The amount of work required to get your furnace ductwork up to working standards and fitted to your new furnace will help determine installation costs.

Electric Furnace vs Gas

When it comes to installation costs, there are notable differences when considering electric versus gas furnaces. Gas furnaces tend to cost more upfront because they require a more complicated installation process in order to address carbon monoxide safety issues. Electric furnaces are less expensive and easier to install, but you will end up paying higher fuel costs while also sacrificing a certain amount of efficiency.

Gas Furnace Prices

When it comes to gas furnace prices, the national average for installation is around $3,000 to $7,000. Remember those are national averages (the St Louis market is often less expensive), and that most of the cost goes towards installation. If you live in a colder climate and want to save on monthly fuel costs, a gas furnace may be the most cost-effective and efficient option.

Electric Furnace Prices

While electric furnace prices tend to be lower than gas furnaces, there are some potential drawbacks to be aware of. While electric furnaces are cheaper to install, they aren’t quite as efficient and come with higher fuel costs. For these reasons, they are best suited for people in warmer locations where there is less demand on the furnace.

High Efficiency Furnace vs Standard Efficiency Furnace

The difference between high efficiency furnaces versus standard efficiency furnaces comes down to how much fuel is actually converted into heat. With a standard efficiency model, about 80% of gas is directly converted into heat. A high efficiency model can turn 90-97% of gas into heat, which means that you save on energy costs.

Which Furnace Brands You Are Considering

Whether you are on a budget or you are willing to pay top dollar for an energy efficient model that comes with an extensive warranty and excellent customer support, there is a furnace brand and model on the market to fit your needs. Some major brands include: American Standard, Bryant, Carrier, Lennox, Rheem and Trane. As you shop around, look for brands that offer models that fit your budget, offer energy efficiency and can adequately heat the entire square footage of your home.

Furnace Size For The House

It is vital that you find the right furnace size for the house. If you purchase a unit that is too small, your home won’t be comfortably heated, you will pay more for energy and your furnace will wear out faster. The right size furnace will allow you to enjoy a comfortable indoor environment and save on utility bills.

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Superior Is A Factory Authorized Bryant Furnace Dealer In St Louis MO

Bryant is one of the most respected brands on the market, which is why Superior is proud to be an authorized Bryant Furnace dealer. Our team is knowledgeable about Bryant products and can help you choose the right unit for your home. Work with experienced and highly trained technicians who know the Bryant brand.

Bryant Evolution Furnace: Comfort, Efficiency and Affordability

The Bryant Evolution Furnace is one of the best models on the market and offers the best in comfort, efficiency and affordability. This quiet and powerful unit comes with an AFUE rating of up to 98.3% and is easy to install so that you can save money. Manage your utility costs and enjoy a warm and comfortable home for an affordable price.

Save Today On A Bryant Furnace

Purchasing a Bryant Furnace and experiencing the difference that a high-quality unit can make doesn’t have to break the bank. You can save money upfront and enjoy lower utility bills throughout the month. Buy a Bryant Furnace and start saving today.

$300 Off A Bryant Gas Furnace

Spire is currently offering up to a $300 rebate on select Bryant gas furnaces.In order to qualify, the furnace must be a high efficiency model. Most of the Bryant Evolution furnace models meet the Energy Star requirements to unlock this incentive. You can instantly take $300 off the price of a Bryant gas furnace.

Superior Furnace Financing

Superior offers 0% furnace financing options to qualified customers so that you can afford to replace your existing furnace with a Bryant furnace and keep your family comfortable. With furnace financing, you can make affordable payments over time and not have to worry about paying for the entire cost upfront. We are happy to work with your budget and find solutions that meet your needs.

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Start by scheduling your free replacement estimate today. An experienced technician can evaluate your home, recommend different models and provide you with a free estimate. From there, you can start planning for your new heating system and begin enjoying a more comfortable home.

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