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Our APCO UV Light Home Air Purifiers

We often think of air pollution as something outside—smoke, fog, smog, and haze. But according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollution could be five times worse than the outdoor kind. The air you breathe inside your home may contain dirt, dust, allergens, and other dangerous contaminants that pose significant health risks. Thus, home air purification is more important than ever.

Superior Heating & Cooling offers the best home air purifiers available today, including the APCO UV Light. This air filtration system is effective against common airborne contaminants like dust. It also reduces the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other biological contaminants in the air system and throughout the home—things that cannot be achieved by using conventional filtration.

How Does APCO UV Light Work?

APCO UV Light purifies the air through a process called photocatalytic oxidation (PCO). The UV or ultraviolet light has germ-killing properties that can disintegrate any captured contaminants, releasing air that only consists of clean carbon dioxide and harmless water vapor. It also destroys odor-causing airborne bacteria, while sterilizing the air stream from other viruses and allergens.

Mold in the coils of the indoor air conditioning system, for instance, can not only shorten the life of the unit and reduce its efficiency, but can also lead to poor indoor air quality. The UV light in the APCO system can keep the AC coils clean by killing the mold and other VOCs that may stick to these.

APCO UV Light Features

Other than its superior air purification capabilities, APCO UV Light offers a range of beneficial features:

  • Odor Control – As a photocatalytic air purifier, APCO UV Light transforms odor-causing VOCs into harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide. With this system, you no longer have to worry about any unwanted odors at home.
  • Eco-Friendly – The APCO UV Light detoxifies the air and eliminates odors without producing ozone. As a matter of fact, it helps to reduce ozone in the air.
  • Universal Size – The standard APCO UV Light fits all types of air systems. But, it is also available in other models that are specially designed for smaller ducts.
  • Low Maintenance –The good news is this air purification system is easy to maintain, as you only need to replace the UV light to keep it in tip-top condition. The better news is we offer UV light replacement for our clients in St. Louis.
  • Lifetime Warranty – APCO UV Light comes with a lifetime warranty on all parts except the UV lamp, which only needs to be replaced every one or two years depending on the system model.

APCO UV Light Installation

We want you to have cleaner air at home, so we offer this purification system across St. Louis and St. Charles. With this air purifier, you can enjoy improved indoor air quality. This is our way of helping you prevent asthma, allergies, and other serious health risks associated with poor indoor air quality. It’s our way of helping to keep you and your family safe!

Let us be your partner in creating and maintaining a healthy indoor living environment. Call us today at (314) 209-7500 or (636) 926-0000 to get started.

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