3 Ways to Prepare Your AC Unit for Winter

Services and repairs HVAC

Services and repairs HVAC

While winter in Missouri will be milder than normal, it is still best to protect your air conditioning unit at home before this cold season officially arrives. This way, you can have your unit working in the first few hot days of spring without dealing with costly repair bills. Here are a few things you can do to protect your air conditioning unit for the upcoming winter:

Turn off the Exterior Power to the Unit

Central air conditioning units often have exterior circuits that control the power that runs the units. Turn this exterior power off to prevent the unit being accidentally turned on during the cold months. When the unit runs during winter, it uses water to produce cool air, but that water, of course, will be exposed to freezing temperatures. This, in turn, can damage the condensing unit within your AC.

Cover the Outdoor Cooling Units

While there is some debate over covering outdoor cooling units, it is still best to provide yours with some form of protection to increase its resistance against the harsh winter elements. One concern with unit covers is the possibility of trapped moisture that can create a breeding ground for mold. To avoid this, use wood materials for your cover, as the air can easily circulate in this type of material. This reduces the risk of mold growth or corrosion from trapped moisture, and the wood does a good job, as well, of protecting your unit from falling ice and leaves.

Regularly Check the Unit Throughout the Winter Season

As snow and ice continue to build on your outdoor unit, get in the habit of clearing it off. This will help keep unnecessary weight off the top of your unit, reducing risks that may potentially damage your entire air conditioning system.

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