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Superior Heating and Cooling are Trained Professionals Providing Heat Pump Installation for St Louis Area Homes

If you are considering a heating system replacement and weighing the cost of a heat pump, our Superior Heating & Cooling Comfort Specialists can educate you on the different types of heat pumps that could make sense for you. Over the years, we have found that St Louis residents either love heat pumps or hate heat pumps. It is important to understand the advances in heat pump technology along with the pros and cons of using a heat pump in the St Louis area. If you are interested in gathering information on how a heat pump installation can help save you money on energy bills for your St Louis area home, call Superior Heating and Cooling today at (314) 209-7500.

Common Questions Regarding Heat Pump Installation

A heat pump is an energy efficient alternative for to traditional furnace and air conditioning systems used for heating and cooling your home.
Using the same process as a refrigerator, a heat pump uses electricity to move hot air from one space to another. This process results in a consistent temperature in a given area. When performing a heat pump installation, there is indoor equipment installed called an air handler and an outdoor unit installed that resembles an air conditioning unit. A heat pump compressor circulates the air from the indoor unit to outdoor unit.
A heat pump installation can make a lot of sense to St Louis residents that currently do not have access to natural gas. If you are using an electric heating system, a heat pump is extremely efficient at providing your home heat while consuming up to 40% less energy to do so. This can lead to saving you lots of money on your energy bills throughout the life of your heat pump system. Another great benefit to using a heat pump is that they do not make a lot of noise.
When heat pump installation was first introduced to the St Louis area, they were met with some criticism due to their effectiveness during extreme weather. But with advances in technology over the last decade, heat pumps are much more efficient than they were just a couple years ago. Superior Heating and Cooling can provide you with up to date information on the advances of heat pump installation and implement ways to ensure you are receiving all the cost benefits of owning a heat pump without sacrificing your HVAC system performance. To learn more about how heat pump installation might make sense for your St Louis or St Charles home, give Superior a call at (314) 209-7500.
Over the years, we have found that St Louis residents either love heat pumps or hate heat pumps.

Makes, Models and Brands of Heat Pump Installation We Perform in St Louis

At Superior Heating and Cooling, we mostly recommend installing a Bryant or American Standard heat pump.

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Bryant Heat Pump Installation St Louis

The Bryant Evolution Heat Pump System – This Bryant Heat Pump System ranges from a 15.5 SEER to 20.5 SEER rating and comes in a single stage, two-stage, and variable-speed compressor. To learn more about how the Bryant Evolution Heat Pump System can save benefit your St Louis area home, call Superior at (314) 209-7500

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American Standard Heat Pump Installation

American Standard Platinum, Gold, and Silver Heat Pump Series – American Standard offers a variety of different electric heat pumps based on cost and efficiency. The American Standard Heat Pump can range from a 14-20 SEER rating and come in single stage, two-stage, and variable speed compressors. The AccuComfort line that comes with all Platnium Series Heat Pump Systems run a variable speed compressor which maximizes the efficiency of your system using less energy to do so. If you have any questions on an American Standard heat pump installation, we can help answer them. Call Superior Heating & Cooling at (314) 209-7500

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